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Professional partners

■ Swiss Life France

Swiss Life is a personal insurance specialist and one of the key players on the markets of life insurance and pensions, as well as health and protection insurance. 
Swiss Life differentiates itself thanks to its unique premium positioning as a private insurer, offering financial services tailored to cover all the needs of its customers in order to help them build a peaceful future. 
This core business is supported by loyalty-building services such as property & casualty insurance, personal support and assistance services.

 ■ Bank-Finance-Insurance group - French Society of Statistics

The French Society of Statistics's (SFdS) aim is to promote the use and understanding of statistics, and to foster its methodological development. To accomplish this goal, it eases the flow of information between statisticians working at administrations, businesses and research/teaching. Within the SFdS, the BFA group's objective is to organize a structured dynamics in the field of statistics, with applications in finance and actuarial sciences, to facilitate the exchanges between academics and professionals of banks and (re)insurances. To this end, conferences, seminars, education programs and working groups are organized regularly. It promotes the job of statistician and reinforce links between French and European professionals. Any statistician, member of the SFdS and working in Finance or Actuarial Science, is invited to register to our group BFA, to receive any information on its activity ; there is no extra fee

■ The French Institute of Actuaries

The French Institute of Actuaries organizes and represents the profession in France. It guarantees the provision of high-quality actuarial services, which comply with standards and professional ethics and ensure long- term balance. The Institute requirements and responsibilities are increasing, as risks proliferate and prudential guidelines change, putting the actuary at the heart of the economic challenges facing our society. Almost 3000 French actuaries are members of the Institute of Actuaries.


 is a leading research and consulting network in all areas of energy and              commodity finance. 

              • risk monitoring 
              • model building 
              • performance measurement
              • scenario simulation
              • asset evaluation