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« Consequences of the population ageing on the insurances loss, in particular for motor insurance; impacts on prevention »

Director of the program: Prof. Marie Kratz

The Research Program « Consequences of the population ageing on the insurances loss and impacts on the automobile prevention » aims at studying the issue of longevity and its impact on health and motor insurance. Pathologies such as slowly decreasing visual acuity, or, more severe, as a start of Alzheimer disease, are likely to reduce vigilance and safe driving. Taking medecines may have similar effects and trigger drowsiness or reducing vigilance, knowing that, statistically, medecines taking increases with age. One focus of the study will be on measuring those 'ageing' effects on driving, understanding their consequences and find solutions to decrease risk and improve prevention.

  • Two internships on "Health, dependence and prevention: an exploratory analysis"
    • Meitner Cadena, ISFA - Univ. Lyon1, Master 2 SAFIR spécialité Gestion des Risques en Assurance et Finance, à finalité Recherche  (April - September 2012, extension until December 2012)
    • Diep Trieu Thi, ISFA - Univ. Lyon1, Master 2 SAF Pro, to get the title of Actuary 
           Supervision: Marie Kratz

  • One PhD student: 

Meitner Cadena, UPMC, from February 2013 

Subject of his work: Actuarial and statistical contributions to the insurance risk analysis originating from the ageing    of population, with an application to motor insurance. Impacts on possible prevention.

Supervision: Marie Kratz (Professor, ESSEC) and Annamaria Olivieri (Professor, Univ. Parma, Italy)