Meetings in 2020-2021

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Meetings organized with the support of the ESSEC research center - IDS dpt, the LabEx MME-DIIthe French Institute of Actuaries - Institut des Actuaires, and the group BFA (Banque Finance Assurance) of SFdS (Société Française de Statistique)

Calendar of the meetings in 2020-2021: 12:30pm Paris time and 7:30pm Singapore time 

Seminars co-organized with Jeremy Heng (ESSEC CREAR), Olga Klopp (ESSEC CREAR), Riada Djebbar (Singapore Actuarial Society - ERM) and all ARLES partners.

During this academic year, we will vary the topics, among which, one on health and dependence. This focus will cover recent developments on: AI methods, causal inference, health and aging, pension funds, … It is also a way to  launch our international multidisciplinary research project named 'ARLES' - Aging Risks and their Long-term impact on the Economy and Society (ARLES referring to the longest confirmed human lifespan, Jeanne Calment, a French supercentenarian who was born and lived in Arles her entire life), involving 16 world-leading research institutions (from 4 continents), a reputable Swiss enterprise, and a group of Associated Members from academia and the insurance industry. In a common effort, the seminars are jointly organized with all ARLES partners.

 Seminars take place via zoom
12:30 (Paris time)
7:30pm (Singapore time)
July 21, 2021
Invited Session on
"Stochastic Analysis in
Mathematical Finance and Insurance

Bernoulli-IMS 10th World Congress in Probability and Statistics

 Juin 25, 2021 
PhD seminar 

1st talk (12:30-1:05 pm): 
Causal inference methods for combining randomized trials and observational studies: application to critical care management

2nd talk (1:10 - 1:45 pm):

Stochastic Mortality

Modelling for Dependent Coupled Lives

Abstracts Talk Imke Mayer


PhD Student at EHESS & INRIA Paris

PhD Student at IFAM, University of Liverpool (UK)

May 27, 2021

Targeted Machine Learning: How we can use machine learning for causal inference.

Applications on health data.

Abstract Talk

Prof. Antoine CHAMBAZ

 Université de Paris, MAP5 (UMR CNRS 8145)


April 29, 2021

A public micro pension programme in Brazil: Heterogeneity among states and 

setting up of benefit age adjustment 


Abstract                                                        Talk

Renata G. ALCOFORADO   &
Prof. Alfredo D. EGIDIO DOS REIS 
ISEG Universidade de Lisboa,

April 15, 2021 
Mendelian randomization: Old and new insights Abstract Talk
Prof. Qingyuan ZHAO University of Cambridge, UK

March 25, 2021
Salvaging Galton’s Unreasonable Thesis:
All Populations Must Die Out!

Abstract                                                       Talk

Prof. Peter JAGERS

Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, Sweden 

February 26, 2021
21st century causal inference that capitalizes on classical design of experiments and modern computing, 
illustrated with an epigenomic human experiment

          Abstract                                                             Talk 
Prof. Marie-Abèle BIND

MGH Biostatistics Center &

Harvard Medical School, USA

January 15, 2021

Why study active ageing and how?

         Abstract                                                                          Talk  
 Prof. Taina RANTANEN
PI for ERC Advanced Grant ”Active Ageing - AGNES” (2016-21)
Gerontology Research Center
University of Jyväskylä, Finland

December 10, 2020

Epiphanies in Pension Investments and Valuation

Abstract                                                                          Talk
Dpt of Mathematical Sciences
University of Copenhagen, DK

November 23, 2020

AI and Health - The Health Data Hub

Dr. Emmanuel BACRY
Senior Researcher at CNRS Paris Dauphine Univ. Scientific Director of the Health Data Hub