Working Group on (quantitative) Risk Analysis / Uncertainty

- ESSEC Business School - 

with the support of the group BFA (Banque Finance Assurance) of the SFdS (Société Française de Statistique), of the French Institute of Actuaries - Institut des Actuaires (since 2012), and of LabEx MME-DII (since Fall 2014). 

Financial support from ESSEC Research Center and LabEx MME-DII is gratefully acknowledged.

Organizer: Prof. Marie Kratz

The main objective is the resolution of concrete problems which affect the industry or of subjects of public interest, in the
field of (quantitative) risk analysis, creating new tools or methods.

Many skills are today distributed in various domains, financial, industrial, academic,..., therefore the intention behind the creation of this group is: 

    to organize a structured dynamics in the field of risk analysis

    to facilitate the exchanges between professionals and academics

    to generate possible collaborations on identified problems

    to create and to work on research projects

To this end, regular meetings will include: 
  • presentations of articles or chapters of books
  • informal presentations/discussions 
  • invited seminars

Each participant might propose a precise theme, a work on a given article or on a project.

The presentation slides are in general available: see the attachments at the end of the page.

Our one hour meetings will take place generally twice a month.

If you are interested and want to be part of the mailing list, please contact Melissa BAGRI.

Note: since March 2012, the French Institute of Actuaries (IA) supports the WG Risk and considers it as part of its program 

PPC (Programme de Perfectionnement Professionnel Continu). To participate to a conference holds for 6 points PPC.