From 2017: please visit the CREAR website for any news, as we decided to stop writing newsletters

CREAR Newsletter #6 - 2017

Here is a 2 slides overview of CREAR main activities of the year 2017, prepared by the communication department of ESSEC and presented at a Faculty Meeting on January 16, 2018.

CREAR Newsletter # 5 - May 2015 / Sept. 2015

Here is our 5th newsletter summarizing our activities since last May. Among the news, we have the pleasure to welcome a new CREAR member, Daphne Lui (ESSEC Asia, Accounting), who will certainly contribute to the success of CREAR and help to its development in Asia.

CREAR Newsletter # 4 - Jan. 2015 / April 2015

Among the news, we have created a CREAR poster for the 1st ESSEC Research Open Day - K-Lab, which remains now on display in ESSEC campuses to give us some visibility within and outside ESSEC. We also have the pleasure to welcome a new CREAR member, Anastasios Dosis (ESSEC Paris, Economics), who will certainly contribute to the success of CREAR. Our special thanks to Patrick Lecomte and Peng Xu who have accepted to play an important role for CREAR in Singapore. Finally, two important upcoming events are worth mentioning:

  1. on May 29 (10am-1pm), the research meeting with CENTRALE-SUPELEC

  2. on June 10, the International round-table on 'New IFRS rules: when Actuaries meet Accountants', with an amazing panel.

CREAR Newsletter # 3 - Sept. 2014 / Dec. 2014

Our third newsletter coincides with our first meeting with the Scientific Committee at Royaumont Abbey, with a statement of CREAR purposes.

CREAR Newsletter # 2 - April 2014 / Aug. 2014

The newsletter establishes itself, with a 2nd edition. It announces, among other activities of CREAR members, the setting of our prestigious Scientific Committee. We thank warmly its members for having accepted this commitment.

CREAR Newsletter # 1 - Jan. 2013 / March 2014

CREAR is already one year old! Looking at this last year, we can see how much has already been

achieved and how much is planned. Great, CREAR is becoming an important platform at ESSEC for

fostering exchanges and developing international research projects on quantitative risk.

To celebrate CREAR first birthday, here is a newsletter summarizing its numerous activities.