Please note that the two courses by Marie Kratz (IDSD31375 & IDSM31183) changed their dates. They will take place, given the actual santory situation, on Friday.

List of the 10 required courses at ESSEC (IDS & Finance Departments)

IDS Department

IDSM31183 - Financial Mathematics (T3)

IDSS21020 - Modélisation statistique (Période Prémaster)


IDSS32165 - Statistical Inference [(T2) - Register via the assistant Melissa Bagri]

IDSS31161 - Introduction to Econometrics (T1)

IDSS31267 - Financial Econometrics (T2)

IDSS32102 - Big Data Analytics [(T1) - Register via the assistant Melissa Bagri]

IDSD31375 - Quantitative Risk Management (T3)

IDSI31137 - Python Programming (T1, T2, T3)

Finance Department

FINM31165 - Financial Markets

FINM31261 - Portfolio and Investments

FINM31271 - Options

List of the 10courses at ISUP

Master 1 Master 2

Semsster 1

UE Etique et Normes de l'Actuariat

Droit du contrat d'assurance*

UE Etique et Normes de l'Actuariat


Semester 2

UE Assurance 1

Econométrie de l'Assurance non-vie

UE Assurance 1

Econométrie de l'Assurance vie

UE Assurance 1

Règlementation des assurances

Semester 3

UE Risk Management

Statistiques des Modèles de durée

UE Assurance 2


UE Science des données Communication, étique et Big Data

UE Assurance 2

Comptabilité en assurance

UE Assurance 2

Assurance de froupe et prévoyance sociale*

Semester 4

*For french speaking studens. Foreign students are required to take french classes instead.

Semester 1 & 3 : from September to January

Semester 2 & 4 : from January to June

** the two periods at ISUP can be done one following the other, for example when you finish all ESSEC courses in 2022-2023, you could do the first and third semester from september 2022 to January 2023 and the second and fouth semester from January 2023 to June 2023. After this you can directly stard the 6 months internship in order to prepare your Actuarial Thesis.

Registration dates 2021-2022

The registration to the track could be done in each beginning of each trimester. the AOL is open for 10 days.

T1 : du 27/09 au 6/10/2021

T2 : du 10/01 au 19/01/2022

T3 : du 4/04 au 13/04/2022